Video meetings. Don't just talk, hang out.

Professional videoconferencing, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype for Business. Do them all. Seamlessly.

Your business doesn’t exist in a silo; why should your communication tools? Videxio makes it easier for Hangouts Meet users to collaborate with anyone on video. Break down the barriers of your communication tools and get back to business; do more, and reach your goals.

Use the technology you already have to join Hangouts

Video collaboration doesn’t have to be hard. With Videxio, you can join meetings with the solutions you're already using. Whether you prefer videoconferencing units, Skype for Business, desktop, browser, or mobile device, we’ve got you covered. With the Videxio calling platform, powered by Pexip Infinity, users and devices are connected seamlessly to the Google Hangouts Meet calling environment.

More cloud, more collaboration.

Combine dedicated videoconferencing units (SIP / H.323 protocol devices) with Hangouts Meet workflows. Combine Skype for Business users with Hangouts Meet workflows. Our gateway means all you have to do is schedule a new meeting in your calendar. Because our dedicated cloud architecture is powered by Pexip Infinity technology and Google Cloud Platform, the best-in-class infrastructure powering G-suite and Hangouts, you and your guests get an optimal calling experience every time.

New, improved video collaboration. Same great user experiences.

As a Hangouts Meet host or guest, your user experience stays the same. Schedule the meeting in your calendar and join using the Hangouts Meet link and conference code, and two-way HD content sharing is supported for users on all platforms. Guests joining via the Skype for Business app maintain their in-call experience, whilst videoconferencing room systems (SIP / H.323) can use "one button to push" ("OBTP") functionality to dial in.

Added security

Managing and hosting, simple, secure meetings is easy. When new guests want to join a meeting, the host is notified and asked if they would like to admit the new guest to the room, whilst all calls and shared media are fully encrypted.

One Button to push

Join at the touch of a button from your conference or huddle room. Guests with videoconferencing systems can join the Hangouts meeting either using Videxio's OBTP feature in the My Meeting Video app (Videxio subscription required), or use their own OBTP setup.

Protect your ROI

Get more from your existing videoconferencing infrastructure. You can use what you already have to join Google Hangout Meets and ensure the same high-quality, HD video meetings you expect.

How it Works:

The interoperability gateway is designed to be used with one license per Google Hangouts Meet host, giving each user full access to features for every meeting. The standard package supports up to 100 G-Suite users, with additional licenses available for groups starting at 50 users. Once it's setup it's really easy to get started:
  • Start by creating a new Hangouts Meet event in your calendar
  • Add guests to your invite
  • And that's it!

Ways to join: Dialing into Hangouts from a videoconferencing room system (SIP / H.323)

Dial into a Hangouts meeting from your dedicated videoconferencing hardware from the likes of Polycom, Cisco, Huawei, and more.

Ways to join: Dialing Hangouts from the Skype for Business app

Works with all deployments of Skype for Business, online, on-premise, and hybrid. The Skype for Business environment should also be configured for federation to Videxio's domain first.

Ways to join: Dialing Hangouts from Videxio's My Meeting Video app

Hangouts Meet works as standard with Chrome, but not other browsers. But for existing Videxio users, when you add the Google Hangouts Meet gateway package, you unlock our full interoperability capabilities, including calling from all major browsers.


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