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Smarter video collaboration solutions for users, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing hardware. Meetings, calls and live streaming.
Videxio User Plan


Professional videoconferencing solution for people, teams, and businesses
  • One meeting room per license
  • Meetings for 30 video participants on multiple platforms + unlimited dial-in
  • Hosted in the cloud - access from any device
  • Join through your browser with no extra software - ideal for external guests
  • Fully compatible with Skype for Business
  • Multi-connect supports simultaneous dial-in for 30 SIP/H.323 videoconferencing units
  • Supports audioconferencing participants (PSTN or VoIP telephony)
  • Personal / Team room license options
  • Unique video address for each room
  • Personal room activates unique personal video address in addition
  • My Meeting Video app for video meetings + ad hoc calling on multiple devices
Videxio User Plan


Enable videoconferencing across your entire organization
  • All features from Videxio Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Annual prepay plan gives large reduction in price-per-license
  • Cost-effective to enable video across your business
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3-year payment options
  • Fixed service cost for duration of selected payment option
  • Combine with Videxio for Video Units for complete enterprise video communication solution
Videxio Device Plan

For Video Units

A dedicated subscription service for your videoconferencing units
  • One subscription per unit
  • Unlimited HD calling to any SIP/H.323 video address
  • Compatible with range of devices from Huawei, Cisco, and Polycom
  • Automated contacts directory
  • Place / receive calls with external networks from behind corporate firewall
  • Automated network monitoring for optimal video performance and quality of service
  • Dial into our meeting rooms for the ultimate videoconferencing experience
  • Combine with Teams or Enterprise plans
  • Basic, Plus or Premium options to suit all specs of videoconferencing units
Videxio Interoperability Add-On

Skype for Business

A Skype for Business premium interoperability service to connect your Skype users and meetings to your videoconferencing room systems
  • FREE with Videxio for Video Units Premium
  • 2-way dialing between videoconferencing room systems (SIP devices) + Skype meetings
  • 2-way dialing between videoconferencing room systems (SIP devices) + Skype users
  • Unlimited HD video calling
  • 2-way screen-sharing (1080p)
  • Global quality-assured video network
  • Connectivity with Microsoft Azure enterprise cloud
  • "One button to push" dialing for any meeting service (optional)
  • "One button to push" dialing from any touch panel
  • "One button to push" Cisco / Polycom touch panel
  • Secure call + media encryption
  • Available for cloud, on-prem, & hybrid Skype deployments
Videxio Interoperability Add-On

Google Hangouts

The Google Hangouts basic interoperability service. Your Google Hangouts users and your videoconferencing room systems all in the same meeting
  • Dial from videoconferencing room systems into Hangouts Meetings
  • Invite Skype for Business users into Hangouts meetings
  • Invite "standards-based" video addresses into Hangouts meetings
  • Unlimited dial-in to Hangouts meetings
  • Full HD video and content sharing
  • Host conference controls
  • Global quality-assured video network
  • Standard support for up to 100 G-Suite / Hangouts users
  • Additional licenses for 101+ G-Suite users
  • Secure call + media encryption
  • Connectivity with Google Cloud Platform
  • "One button to push" dialing for any meeting service (optional)
  • "One button to push" dialing from any touch panel
  • "One button to push" Cisco / Polycom touch panel

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The fastest, easiest way to stream live video events to audiences of any size
  • Streams / records events directly from your Videxio meeting room
  • No infrastructure required
  • Instantly scalable events. Broadcast to an audience of 10 people, or 10 million with the same service
  • Choose to stream via our YouTube integration or custom streams using RTMP integration
  • Self-service option for fast-track event planning included with Teams & Enterprise plans
  • Order white-gloved event management service for your most important events
  • Choose a public stream or a private stream with login requirements (dependent on chosen platform)
  • Manage the stream link via your room's participant list in the dashboard


Apps for more powerful videconferencing experiences from virtually anywhere
  • Additional plugins and apps to help you do more with video and be more productive
  • MyMeeting Video videoconferencing app for desktop, mobile, and tablet (PC/Mac, iOS/Android)
  • Schedule, join, invite, and manage video calls from multiple devices with just a couple of clicks
  • Use the service from almost anywhere - at the office, at home, or when out traveling
  • No login required for mobile and tablet (for joining meetings or calls as a guest user)
  • Outlook add-in to automatically schedule new meetings


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