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Pexip 'as-a-service' (formerly Videxio)

The Pexip Service

The Pexip Service is built on the same core video technology as our dedicated enterprise software application, Pexip Infinity. Enable premium video collaboration experiences delivered as-a-service.

  • Ideal for teams and organizations looking for fast, simple, video collaboration at any scale that doesn’t require tech support to get started.
  • Simple to collaborate on video with anybody, no matter what device or technology they’re using.

1. Video meeting & calling platform.

Feature-rich and easy-to-use group video meeting and calling for any team or organization. Great for internal or external meetings.

  • Works with any device (desktop, mobile, web, and professional video conferencing room systems)
  • Invite anyone 
  • 1:1 video calls from any device 
  • Dedicated app for powerful video collaboration from any device
  • Integrated scheduling with Outlook or Google Calendar

2. Video conferencing endpoint subscriptions

Register and provision standards-based video conferencing room systems (SIP / H.323 devices) from Cisco, Poly (Polycom), Yealink, Lifesize, + more, with plans to suit all sizes of video conferencing systems

  • Unlimited video calling to any standards-based video address
  • Automated network management for optimal call quality
  • Extend the life of legacy video conferencing hardware and modernize current video conference call control management without the need for large investments in new hardware
  • Premium subscription includes Skype for Business interoperability gateway add-on
  • Plug ‘n’ play activation 
  • Automated contacts directory

3. Interoperability add-ons for Microsoft collaboration environments

Seamlessly connect your professional video conferencing room systems into Microsoft Teams meetings 

  • Works for any SIP / H.323 video systems
  • Additional enterprise security and features for video systems registered to Pexip service
    • Wireless 'scan to join' technology with Pexip's MeetingConnect for fast joining from any video system
  • Easy automated scheduling with Outlook Calendar
  • “Concurrent calling” licensing means billing is based on usage and capacity requirements, not on number of  Microsoft users

4. Interoperability add-ons for Google Hangouts Meet

Seamlessly connect your professional video conferencing room systems into Microsoft Teams meetings

  • Works for any SIP / H.323 video systems
  • Wireless 'scan to join' technology with Pexip's MeetingConnect for fast joining from any video system
  • Easy automated scheduling with Google Calendar
  • “Concurrent calling” licensing means billing is based on actual usage and capacity requirements, not on the number of G Suite users

Reasons to choose as-a-service

Great for companies and IT teams looking for user-friendly, business-grade video conferencing solutions that provide: 

  • Feature-rich video collaboration on any device out-of-the-box
  • Little to no technical implementation and no extra hardware investment
  • Easy to manage day-to-day administration and reporting requiring minimal dedicated IT resources to monitor
  • A secure, global backbone with quality of service network optimized for live video from any location
  • Flexible subscription options with annual / monthly plans. Easy to scale your service as usage grows
  • Works with any device. Lets your users and other guests join video meetings with their preferred technology
  • Plug ’n’ play activation for your video conferencing room systems. Extend the life of existing hardware infrastructure 

Pexip simplifies communication across borders, businesses and platforms.

Experience the power of Pexip first hand to see for yourself why users rate Pexip #1.


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