Haivision Media Gateway

haivisiongatewaynewjpgLow latency video streaming

The Haivision Media Gateway is a component for low latency video streaming workflows that converts between streaming protocols to bridge different networks and also gives you the flexibility to distribute streams to multiple destinations. Available as a hardware appliance, virtual machine or in the cloud on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace, the Haivision Media Gateway helps broadcasters with live contribution, backhaul, remote monitoring, remote interviews, and live video distribution.

Transport video over any network

The Haivision Media Gateway supports Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), a technology that optimizes live video distribution across unpredictable networks, like the internet, by assuring quality-of-service when faced with packet loss, congestion, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth. Leveraging SRT, the Haivision Media Gateway is ideal for transporting high-quality, low latency and secure live video across public and private networks, and offers significant operational flexibility and cost savings compared to satellite or custom network infrastructures.

haivision media gateway webIP network bridge

The Haivision Media Gateway enables you to take video streams from one network environment and send them across into any other network. Whether you need to bridge between LANs, MPLS, satellite IP, public internet, or any combination of these networks, the Haivision Media Gateway is the perfect bridge thanks to its advanced network interface configuration, native SRT protocol support and friendly firewall traversal. In addition, the Haivision Media Gateway is codec agnostic and provides support for any standard MPEG stream – future proofing your solution.

Compatible with your video ecosystem

The Haivision Media Gateway converts streams between SRT, Transport Stream over UDP (unicast and multicast), and can also output HLS. As a component of your end-to-end video workflow, the Haivision Media Gateway supports stream interoperability directly with Haivision’s Makito X family of encoders and decoders, Haivision’s transcoders, the high performance InStream Mobile player for iPhone and Android, and any standard third party UDP streams, giving you the flexibility to extend virtually any video workflow over any network.

Packaged to suit your application needs

For always-on broadcast applications such as remote monitoring and affiliate distribution, the Haivision Media Gateway is available as an appliance or as a perpetual VM or cloud license with no recurring user or bandwidth charges. For occasional or scheduled usage such as events, remote broadcasts, and live interviews, the Haivision Media Gateway is available as a pay-as-you-go service on AWS Marketplace and as a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) on Microsoft Azure.

media gateway hvpExtend your enterprise video experience

Seamlessly integrated with Haivision’s enterprise video platform, the Haivision Media Gateway creates a secure enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) extending internal broadcasts, all hands meetings, and on-demand video libraries to remote locations and scales video delivery to thousands of employees.


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