Haivision Video Cloud

medusa hvc cluster3 0Effortless Cloud Based Video

Whether broadcasting a live event to connected audiences around the world or publishing on demand video across internal portals, company websites and mobile applications, the Haivision Video Cloud is a cloud-based video content manager that provides you with the tools you need to get the right content, to the right audience, wherever they are.

Publishing Made Easy

Haivision works with you and your organization to create “set and forget” publishing workflows, all from within a comprehensive and intuitive web-based video content manager. The Haivision Video Cloud distributes your live and on demand video across multiple websites and social media platforms simultaneously, giving you more time to focus on content creation, leaving the heavy lifting to us.

Live Transcoding

For the most efficient and high quality delivery of your live video content to viewers on all devices, live transcoding is an essential part of your video delivery process. If you have live cloud transcoding needs, the Haivision Video Cloud offers multiple options - either with Haivision’s KB transcoder or a fully managed service - to ensure your audience gets the best viewing experience at all times.

akamaiContent Storage & Delivery

The Akamai network is seamlessly integrated into the Haivision Video Cloud for storage and transport of your video streams. With Akamai, your media is being served by a highly robust and reliable content delivery network (CDN), ensuring the media experience is fast and of the highest quality. Should you have an existing CDN provider, the Haivision Video Cloud can also easily take advantage of your existing storage and distribution platforms.

Configurable Micro-Sites

If you need to create a customized micro-site for a branded viewer experience, the Haivision Video Cloud includes a configurable video micro-site builder so you can deliver your video content to audiences on all devices quickly and easily. Select from templates, insert powerful Flash/HTML5 players or your own custom players, enable live chats and add plug-ins with ease.

hvc analytics 2Analytics & Reporting

To evaluate messaging impact, audience engagement and more accurately judge the performance of your video assets, Haivision Video Cloud features integration with the powerful comScore Digital Analytix platform. Quality of service and content analytics as well as audience demographics give you unparalleled data access and visibility into the performance of your content and the characteristics of your online audience. Haivision Video Cloud also provides plug-ins to connect with additional third-party reporting tools.

Online Broadcast Experience

With the Haivision Video Cloud Scheduler option, you can create simulated-live broadcast channel experiences by scheduling live streams and VOD content to play out at specific times throughout the day or continuously 24/7. The Scheduler option helps you drive your audience to share in the viewing experience at the same time, promoting targeted viewer engagement.


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