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Webcaster X1 for YouTube

WEBCASTER X1 to YouTube 617x131

Video encoder for YouTube

Use Epiphan Webcaster X1™ to stream your HD camera to YouTube. Works with any camera, mixer or device with HDMI™ output.

Create a better live video streaming experience for your audience

Get higher quality video streams by using a dedicated video camera or DSLR for your YouTube live videos.

device code

Easy setup with
device pairing code

Webcaster X1 automatically generates a device pairing code to the LCD display and you enter that code at www.google.com/device so you can be up and streaming in less than a minute!

Professional audio

Webcaster X1 accepts high quality audio over HDMI. Connect any wired or wireless mic to your camera and get professional audio quality on your YouTube streams.

HDMI out for monitoring

Use the HDMI OUT feed for monitoring your live video, and see comments and feedback from your viewers.

Advanced configuration options

Use a mouse, keyboard and monitor to Webcaster X1 or log in to the YouTube Live Dashboard get precision control over your live stream to YouTube.

Wired Ethernet or WiFi

Choose to stream over Wi-Fi or use Webcaster X1’s wired Ethernet connection. For busy networks, ask your network administrators to isolate your traffic from other users, providing dedicated bandwidth, security and quality of service for your stream.


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