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ICC1-232 RS-232 TV Controller

ICC1 232 RS 232 TV Controller

The ICC1-232 RS-232 TV Controller delivers versatile 1-way control for power, volume, channels, and available control lockout commands, receiving iC-Net network commands over the same broadband coax that carries the CATV channels. Compact in size and price, the ICC1-232 features discrete power control, channel tuning, volume control, and local control lockout. Tuning options include analog and HDTV format channels, as well as AV inputs.

High-speed 1-way control is possible through the same RF cable that carries the TV channels, creating networked operation of distributed media systems without adding control wiring. Compatible with the Contemporary Research Display Express software, the ICC1-232 can be networked with up to 4000 display controllers. For custom systems applications, the ICC1-232 and other CR display controllers can be accessed from a single RS-232 or Telnet port on an ICE-HE Ethernet Head.

Key Features

  • Controls most brands of RS-232-controlled displays
  • Delivers absolute power control with discrete RS-232 commands
  • Stores control commands in onboard memory, can be updated vis RS-232 or over coax
  • Tunes analog or HDTV format channels
  • Intelligent volume level and mute operation
  • Enables/disables local and IR display control (if supported by display)
  • Receives 1-way individual and zone commands from a single RS-232 port on the ICE-HE
  • Provides LED feedback for network and RS-232 control
  • Restores power and channel status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Mounts on the back of display for simplified control and RF installation
  • Operates with Display Express software, as well as from RS-232 protocol from a custom-programmed PC or control system
  • Includes RF loop cable, mounting Velcro, and 12VDC power supply
  • Optional CC-232 RS-232 control cable (specify make, model, and cable length

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