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232-MCT Mono Caption Tuner

232 MCT Mono Caption Tuner

The Contemporary Research 232-MCT is an economical RS-232/IR controlled video tuner featuring mono audio, 125-channel access in CATV, HRC, or IRC modes, closed captioning and intelligent control. Fully programmable, the unit can restore all settings on power-up from non-volatile memory. A list of accessible channels, called channel rings, can be stored in memory, used for convenient channel up/down control and to control direct access to unlisted channels. Switchable inputs for NTSC video and mono audio are included for display of PC graphics, a character generator information channel, camera or other A/V sources.

An onboard character generator displays on-screen text for closed captioning, channel names, and text from a custom control system. Full setup, control, and feedback is provided by RS-232. Up to nine 232-series tuners can be controlled from a single RS-232 port. In addition, remote tuning ring channel up and down operation can be accessed through contact closure inputs. Enjoy a full range of wireless control with the optional IC-RC IR Wireless Remote.

Key Features

  • Interacts with PCs and control systems via RS-232, using simple ASCII-format commands and feedback, up to 9 tuners can be linked to a single RS-232 control port; AMX, Crestron, or RTI modules available.
  • Tunes 125 channels CATV, HRC, or IRC modes, using true synchronous video detection and intercarrier SAW filter
  • Stores programmable tuning ring in memory to control channel access
  • Receives IR commands from front-panel sensor and wired IR input on the back, also responds to Sharp IR TV commands
  • Accesses tuning ring channel up/down from contact closure inputs
  • Displays closed-captioning text, on-screen channel names, and on-screen text from custom control systems
  • Inserts blue screen video image when unit senses loss of video level
  • Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Mutes both audio and video, variable volume control
  • Switches between tuner and external A/V input (video and audio inputs, can convert stereo to mono)
  • Works with free Tuner Helper control panel/setup software, operates over RS-232 or Ethernet with IP-232 Interface
  • Mounts in 19" rack with optional RK1 or RK2 kit for dual side-by-side installation
  • Setup available via RS-232 using free Tuner Helper software, a Terminal application, or by custom system programming
  • Integrates with 232-AMP for educational applications, pole mount bracket available
  • Firmware updateable via local PC over RS-232


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