wipgsharepodNeed an easier way to wirelessly share additional content? We've got you connected. Pair the SharePod with a  enabling seamless collaboration from any  in meetings and classrooms. Use an HDMI converter cable and your possibilities are almost endless.

Coupling SharePod with wePresent

SharePod allows any HDMI source to utilize the advanced features on the wePresent device such as the 4-to-1 projection, onscreen annotation, WebSlides and more. SharePod pairs to any wePresent wireless presentation system. Connect your HDMI source to the SharePod, press the button and begin presenting your HDMI device.

sharepod setup1 sharepod setup2 sharepod setup3 sharepod setup4

Step #1

Pair SharePod to any WiPG unit.

Step #2

Power on the SharePod.

Step #3

Connect any HDMI source.

Step #4

Press the button to share.

In The Conference Room

The SharePod allows secure, controlled guest access to wePresent’s interactive and collaborative presentation features without compromising network security.

In The Classroom

The SharePod is a classroom technology solution that enriches learning. Students, faculty, and guests can easily connect devices such as document cameras and Chromebook to the display.

How Does the SharePod Work?

SharePod allows users to integrate document cameras, Chromebooks, LINUX based systems, guest devices, or any HDMI source with the wePresent system's 64-user queue.


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