Need an easier way to connect your devices to any wePresent? The new PresentSense is the solution. PresentSense is a Bluetooth accessory for your wePresent hardware that automatically transmits the settings needed to connect to the unit closest to you.

How Does the PresentSense Work?

Using the native Bluetooth capabilities of your laptop, phone, or tablet, PresentSense makes it as easy as walking to the front of the room and hitting connect, allowing you to take advantage of wePresent’s robust collaboration features quicker and easier.

presentsense setup1 presentsense setup2 presentsense setup3

Step #1

Connect PresentSense to the wePresent.

Step #2

Software detects PresentSense and prompts for connection.

Step #3

Present and collaborate as usual.

Faster Connections Times

PresentSense is a proximity-based USB accessory for your wePresent that fast-tracks your connection to the nearest wireless presentation gateway.

No More Guessing

Walk into a new classroom, and the PresentSense and wePresent communicate. Switch meeting rooms between your 1pm and 2:30 meetings, and PresentSense makes the change for you.

Smarter Presentations

What if your devices knew exactly which room you walked into, and which wePresent screens you wanted to use?


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