Avizia MC600 (Educator)

product mc6002 258x300Reinventing how video conferencing rooms are controlled and deployed.

The MC600 makes controlling the entire room experience from an iPad possible. With a touch-based interface, doing what you want is as easy as it should be. The MC’s cutting edge setup wizard can get rooms up and running in minutes as opposed to weeks.

Take Control of Your Video Conferencing Rooms

Organizations are looking to expand access to their knowledge resources in new and innovative ways with distance learning and large video conferencing rooms. The Avizia MC600 is revolutionizing the experience in these rooms by making it easier to control, setup, and support them than ever before.

Bring Your Own Device Control of the Room: Users can use their own mobile device to control the room and move around freely. The MC Remote app is a free download and multiple apps can be connected to the same room at the same time for shared control.

Intuitive Interface to Control All Devices: Now controlling the experience is as easy as it should be. Using touch features like drag and drop, users can control all of the devices in the room like displays, video conferencing, and document cameras.

Flexible Enough for Virtually Any Room: Built with compatibility in mind the MC600 is flexible enough to control virtually any room. That means the same intuitive interface for users across the entire organization.
Setup in Minutes: The setup and maintenance wizard makes it easy to get a room configured and working in minutes.

The MC Remote app is available on iOS for iPads. Click here to download it for free.

New & Improved

The Educator is now the Avizia MC product line that includes the MC600 (the box) and the MC Remote (iPad app) with lots of great new features.

  • Now compatible with the Cisco SX80 codec or any Cisco C-series codec (C90, C60, C40)
  • Now able to control even your smallest rooms with single display support
  • Improved control of the total room experience with more layouts
  • Now capable of controlling even more devices


  • The MC600 bundle includes the MC600, the powerful Cisco TelePresence codec of your choice to enable 1080P video conferencing, and the MC Remote app (free download)
  • Provides complete room control in or out of a video call
  • Supports up to 4 High Definition (HD) displays and 5 HD content sources (with a C90 codec)
  • Compatible with over 100 common input devices
  • Currently available for the iPad and iPad mini


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