CLSO Switcher Series

The Atlona CLSO Series

Multi-format Switching with HDBaseT for Classrooms and Small Office Applications

The Atlona CLSO Series of switchers and matrix switchers addresses an array of AV switching, routing, and processing needs for presentation spaces. Perhaps you’re designing a classroom for HDMI and legacy analog sources with a long distance run to the display. Maybe it’s a conference room where input and output signals must travel a great distance. Then there’s the complex divisible space where AV signals must be dedicated to different zones with the flexibility to route identical or separate signals to the displays. For these applications and more, the CLSO Series is ideal for your application, regardless of your single output switcher or matrix switcher needs.

AT UHD CLSO 601s 1600x742 1400x649AT-UHD-CLSO-601

4K/UHD, 6-Input Multi-Format Switcher with Mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT Outputs and Automatic Display Control

The Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-601 offers a simpler set of inputs for applications when all sources are near the switcher by providing four HDMI and two multi-function analog inputs, to enable the use of both new and legacy sources with HDMI displays. Features include a microphone input with 48 volt phantom power and ducking, allowing the switcher to address a wide array of AV switching and processing needs often encountered in classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms and other presentation settings.

AT UHD CLSO 612EDs 1600x742 1400x649AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED

4K/UHD, 6-Input Multi-Format Switcher with Mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT Outputs and Automatic Display Control

The AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED eliminates the need for multiple components and simplifies the important steps in getting content from any source to whatever display and audio system the customer is using, including 4K monitors or projectors.The switcher addresses customers’ needs to provide inputs on lecterns, conference tables, and locations distant from the switcher.The AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to power remote HDBaseT transmitters and receivers.Combining multiple components to address each process – scaling, converting, and delivering the signal to the display – into a single solution reduces system complexity and cost and increases reliability.

AT UHD CLSO 824s 1600x742 1400x649AT-UHD-CLSO-824

4K/UHD, 8×2 Multi-Format Matrix Switcher with Dual, HDBaseT and Mirrored HDMI Outputs

The AT-UHD-CLSO-824 brings advanced multi-format matrix switching to the CLSO series of classroom and small office switchers.The mix of inputs supports remote inputs from lecterns and conference room tables via HDBaseT transmission as well as local sources in the equipment rack.The matrix serves a wide array of room configurations with two HDBaseT video outputs, each featuring a mirrored HDMI port to provide an additional output for a local display or an Atlona Extender Kit.The AT-UHD-CLSO-824 serves as the centerpiece of complex systems where audio and video signals must be dedicated to different zones or provide the flexibility to route identical or separate video signals to the two displays in larger rooms.

AT UHD CLSO 840s 1600x742 1400x649AT-UHD-CLSO-840

4K/UHD 8×4 HDBaseT and HDMI Matrix Switcher with PoE

The Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-840 is the integrator’s choice for advanced presentation systems with multiple AV destinations that may include displays, videoconferencing systems, lecture capture, or AV streaming systems. This 8×4 matrix switcher features HDMI and HDBaseT inputs and outputs ideal for a wide variety of systems designs that may include sources and displays situated at various locations throughout a room, or even adjacent rooms in the case of a divisible room installation. The CLSO-840 is also equipped with a host of advanced audio routing and processing features for seamless integration with a dedicated DSP, or simply embedding program audio for a display. Though designed for advanced AV systems, the CLSO-840 is uniquely straightforward and user-friendly when it comes to setup, commissioning, and everyday operation.


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