Extend the reach of your service.

Business video that works where you do.

Seamless, simple video communication used to be hard. With enterprise cloud technology, it’s easy. Videxio enables video that works in harmony with your existing workflows to bring devices, technology, tools, and users together in the cloud.

Skype for Business gateway service. Hardware and users united.

When Skype for Business has been deployed at large scale, it’s often extremely challenging to connect your users to videoconferencing systems on other networks. Videxio joins the two worlds together. The Videxio calling platform and Microsoft-certified Pexip Infinity Fusion Gateway connects users and devices on the Videxio service directly to the Skype for Business calling environment.

The Videxio cloud and Azure.

To maximize the benefits of our gateway, our dedicated cloud architecture for Skype for Business users has been incorporated inside Azure, Microsoft’s cutting-edge enterprise cloud solution, creating an optimal calling environment between the two services.

Seamless cross-platform communication

Combine dedicated videoconferencing units (SIP protocols) with Skype for Business workflows. Register your device on the Videxio service and our gateway connects you directly to the Skype world. Dial Skype contacts right from your video system to join calls or meetings, or call your video units from inside your Skype environments.

Native calling experiences

Skype users are able to maintain their native meeting and calling experience from inside the Skype for Business environment. Easily connect with external video users and enjoy enhanced video performance on the dedicated Videxio cloud. Enjoy two-way screen sharing between Skype and external videoconferencing users.

One solution for any Skype environment

Our gateway supports all Skype for Business environments— online, on-premise, hybrid— to make sure your video communication is simple and effective, whatever your set-up and without the need for new infrastructure.

Automated scheduling with Outlook

Our Outlook integration makes planning scheduled meetings fast. Schedule your meeting and automatically populate your meeting room's dial-in info inside the meeting invite to all your guests.

Better video. Added value

By increasing the functionality and usability of your existing video solutions you can add to both the value and the lifetime of your video systems. Expand your capabilities with Skype to connect with other video networks or add your dedicated hardware into your Skype world.

Choose your workflow: Joining a Videxio meeting using the Skype for Business app

Our meeting rooms make it easy to host video meetings for up to 50 participants from any device. Each room is fully interoperable, connecting users on Skype for Business, SIP/H.323 video devices, regular web browsers, and audioconferencing, all in one meetings. It's easy to join our rooms from Skype for Business, for large video meetings with participants on any device, joining from anywhere, in seconds.
  • open the room's unique URL link
  • click the Skype icon
  • on Windows, the Skype app opens automatically
  • for Mac, follow the joining instructions onscreen

Choose your workflow: Use Skype for Business to call videoconferencing units

Our gateway connects your native Skype for Business environment to external videoconferencing devices registered on the Videxio cloud.
  • add videoconferencing units to your buddy list
  • drag videoconferencing units from your buddy list into your meeting

Choose your workflow: Use a Videoconferencing unit to call a Skype user

Our gateway solution creates simply formatted video addresses that make it easy to dial your Skype for Business contacts. Enjoy simple, fantastic video calls from your dedicated videoconferencing hardware, whether scheduled or ad hoc, as part of your Skype environment.
  • specially formatted video address that's easy to use
  • Skype user experiences a regular incoming call with same interface
  • video unit maintains native calling experience with normal functionality and interface for the device

Choose your workflow: Use a Videoconferencing unit to call into a Skype meeting

Great for enhancing your collaboration experience on Skype and adding your videoconference hardware into your Skype meetings. Our gateway creates a unique video address that can be dialed from Skype for Business networks. This allows you to treat your video system as a "physical" location.
  • add the video unit to your buddy list
  • schedule a meeting under your calendar/booking system
  • add the video unit to your invite
  • email invitations to all guests including the video unit


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