One cloud. All your video solutions.

Video meetings, video calling, and simplified live streaming / recording. Video communication for every occasion on a dedicated, truly global network

Device licenses for purpose-built videoconferencing units

Unlimited HD calling on a dedicated video platform with automated network management. From personal video units to large room systems, each subscription offers the power of face-to-face meetings with any video user with standards-based videoconferencing (SIP/H.323)

Safe, secure calls over a trusted network

All calls are encrypted and carried through our dedicated global video network instead of the public internet whilst each subscription provides your videoconferencing unit with its own unique address. So it's simple to use video calling to carry out even your most critical communications.

We work with the industry leaders

Our subscriptions are compatible with a wide selection of models offered by the leading industry suppliers of videoconferencing units, including Cisco, Huawei, and Polycom to ensure high-quality performance and ease-of-use on every call.

Seamlessly connect on video behind your corporate firewall

Each subscription allows you to dial out to, and receive calls from, external networks without pesky technical issues or compatibility challenges. Connect with any SIP/H.323 video address on any network just as easily as connecting with someone on your company network. Easy-to-use video calls for you and your contacts, with no interference, just crystal clear pictures.

Plug 'n' play activation

Activating your device couldn’t be easier with our activation app to help connect your video unit to the service in seconds so you start making video calls right away.

Automated contact directory

The contacts directory that stays in touch for you. Automatically updates with all the other video addresses registered in your company network. Search and dial contacts with just a couple of clicks

Unique video address

Each video address is formatted like an email to make it easy to remember - and share. Choose domain hosting to get video addresses matching your company email

Easy content sharing

Live screen share allows you to display presentations, web pages, or other content with the other people on the call for real-time collaboration

Unlimited HD video calls

Each subscription provides unlimited HD video calls to any SIP/H.323 video address on any network, as well as unlimited dialing into our meeting room service

Firewall traversal

Makes it possible for your video systems to be registered safe and sound behind your corporate firewall. Maintains your security whilst still allowing you to easily place and receive calls from video addresses on external networks

A managed network to keep things simple

Your video unit connection comes with automated network monitoring to ensure the best connection possible at all times. The service also allows you to seamlessly dial and receive calls from any video address using SIP/H.323 protocols, on both internal and external networks, without annoying technical hiccups or interruptions.

And if you need to switch the physical location of your device, there's no need to re-register it at the new location - you can simply plug 'n' play.


Our goal is to provide you with outstanding pre-sales and post-sales support around collaboration technologies

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