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Putting video at the heart of every conversation is a true team effort

About Videxio managed by Vistec

Videxio is a cloud video conferencing service managed by Visitec and powered by Videxio. With more than 25 years in business, Visitec operates as the resellers’ trusted advisor and value added resource providing products, service and support for advanced collaboration and audio visual technologies.

About Videxio

Videxio was born on the belief that when it comes to business communication, it truly is better to be seen!

Videxio was founded by these three guys, Tom-Erik Lia, Thomas Berger and Michel Sagen, all of them with a long track record from the videoconferencing industry.

Their dream when they started Videxio in 2011 was to make business quality video communication available to all - independent of location, budget or technical knowledge. That meant making it easy to get started, making it simple to use across devices and platforms, and making it affordable, all the while ensuring the quality and security of the video connection.


Our goal is to provide you with outstanding pre-sales and post-sales support around collaboration technologies

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