Perfect Track

backWhether you need the Perfect Track for lecture capture, video conferencing or other live events, Dycap will work with you to integrate our innovative products with your system.

What is the Perfect Track?

The Perfect Track‚Äč is the software version of a camera operator. The Perfect Track is a software module that allows any pan tilt zoom camera using VISCA to be completely automated using facial, edge, and motion tracking. The Perfect Track is pre-installed onto NUCs and is plug and play with compatible cameras- no operators and no tracking beacons.

Why the Perfect Track?

By 2019, Cisco believes that 90% of all internet traffic will be video. This demand for video content is revolutionizing every industry on the planet and every organization needs it to remain relevant. The Perfect Track allows A/V staffs to drastically increase the amount of content produced without increasing cost. Using the Perfect Track allows any classroom lecture, corporate boardroom, worship ceremony, or any other public speaking event to be recorded without the need of an operator, generating video content easier and more cost effective than ever before. The sophisticated tracking algorithms far surpass any other solution on the market in terms of accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, the Perfect Track is compatible with the industry leading brands which make it the perfect complimentary product for existing lines of PTZ cameras. Dycap’s solution has all the benefit of high quality video capture using only the Perfect Track software pre-installed on the NUC.


  • Simple user interface, one time setup.
  • Presenters do not have to adapt to the technology, technology adapts to presenter.
  • Open API ready for control system integration.
  • Bundle with new cameras or install with current cameras.
  • The world’s first universal autotracker regardless of PTZ camera.
  • Adoptable to different room sizes and use case applications.


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