Dycap Media Solutions is a software company comprised of professional broadcast camera operators and world class engineers. Whether you need the Perfect Track for lecture capture, video conferencing or other live events, Dycap will work with you to integrate our innovative products with your system

back Introducing the Perfect Track

The Perfect Track is a software module that allows any pan tilt zoom camera using VISCA to be completely automated using facial, edge, and motion tracking. The Perfect Track is pre-installed onto NUCs and is plug and play with compatible cameras- no operators and no tracking beacons.

Dycap's award winning software uses advanced image processing to recognize individuals in your camera's video stream. Once a user is recognized, Perfect Track intelligently controls your camera to smoothly follow that user. No tracking beacons, operators, or excessive equipment

The Dycap Perfect Track is the software version of a camera operator. The Perfect Track software comes pre-installed on a mini computer and can connect to any professional pan-tilt-zoom camera to enable auto tracking capture.

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